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Welcome to our platform! Some of the best investments use trading strategies. This can be very exciting! We can add to that excitement by allowing you to follow our watchlist. Our method is simple. After careful technical analysis, we update our watchlist three times a week. The watchlist primary focus is patterns and support/resistance levels. This list can include short-term bullish or bearish trades. We won’t tell you what to buy or sell however you can follow our watchlist for ideas. We realize most traders don’t like doing the research when investing in stocks, so this platform may give you ideas when you follow our watch list. Our goal with our watchlist using technical analysis is to expose you to trades and consider if they meet your strategy and financial goals. We're not an stock/option service, but may show how they can be used with charts for informational purposes and ideas.

Chart Patterns

Historically certain chart patterns have proven to be an edge in beating the market. Using this edge, check out some of our recent chart pattern winners.

Technical Analysis

Using Technical Analysis you will be able to identify bullish or bearish chart patterns and support/resistance levels with momentum. Our goal is to provide provide ideas with our charts.

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