Charity American Cancer Society

We will donate a portion of our proceeds to the American Cancer Society This charity has been chose for personal reasons as there are few organizations that cater to this disease as compared to many other serious and noteworthy illnesses.

On a personal level the American Cancer Society was a natural choice as this disease has become a recently become a reality with my own family. My 28 year old son Shane was diagnosed with soft tissue Sarcoma and kidney disease in September 2014. As a father you feel helpless hearing “Dad I’m scared” and you can’t fix the source of that fear.

We experienced a major scare learning there was a 50% chance the cancer may have reached the lungs. After two long weeks a CT scan and test results, we received the welcome news that my sons lungs were clear. With the support of family, friends and the medical staff at VCU and Depaul Hospital, we weathered two cancer removal surgeries.

Sadly further test confirmed Stage 4 kidney disease and his kidneys will require dialysis three days a week.

On Sept 7, 2016 my son checked himself into the hospital for stomach pains. I was on vacation and came back early to be by my sons side. Test results showed that he had tumors on his stomach, lung and kidney. They took a sample and it was confirmed Sept 14 that is was soft tissue Sarcoma. The same cancer that attack him two years earlier. He is currently going through chemo treatment at University of Virginia Medical Center.

January 2017 the tumors were shrinking and he was responding better than expected to treatment. March 9 he was admitted to the hospital for internal bleeding. The source was not found. On March 23, during a follow up visit to UVA he was admitted to the hospital again for internal bleeding. Sadly during a CT scan it was found that the tumors were now getting bigger. Doctors decided to try another type of chemo treatment.

August 8, 2017 Shane was admitted to Leigh Hospital for abdominal pain. His health was deteriorating rapidly. On August 16 he was transported to UVA. After further test we were told on August 20 that the cancer had spread and he had hours to days to live. Even though he was dying he was a gentleman to the end. He was respectful to the doctors, nurses, family and friends who visited him. He would say "Yes Sir" or "Yes Ma'am" or please and thank you. He was more concerned everyone else was had their needs fullfilled before his own. I shed tears watching him give to the end. Shane passed away on the morning of August 22, 2017. I was blessed to be by his side through the night.

If interested in donating, please contact the AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY It is tax deductible